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We have completed more than 50 Batches. We have started this course considering new people in the market. Many people has lost the money because of lack of knowledge. We have seen lots of different courses available in the market which are mostly focused on Technical Analysis only, But to become successful one should have knowledge of all different aspect of the market. There are well known Gurus which are charging lacs of amount for teaching these things. We have considered all these factors and designed syllabus which will consider most of the relevant topics including price. It is 6 Full Day Classroom Training. First Four Day are schedule on two consecutive Weekends and last 2 days which are for Advanced topics will be taken after 1 month over the Weekend. To promote more participation of woman, we are giving discount of Rs. 1000 to Woman

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Course Outline
Fundamental Analysis
1.Stock Market Basics
  • How share come in existence?
  • What is an index?
  • How Share comes in Market?
  • What are Corporate Actions?
  • Factors Affecting Stock Market and Equities
2.What is Fundamental Analysis ?
3.Factors affecting Fundamental Analysis
4.Ratio Analysis: - Liquidity Ratios
  • Current Ratio
  • Quick Ratio
5.Ratio Analysis: - Solvency Ratios
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Interest Coverage Ratio
6.Ratio Analysis: - Profitability Ratio
  • Gross, Net and Operating Profits
  • Gross, Net and Operating Profit Margins
  • Return on Asset
  • Return on Capital Employed
7.Ratio Analysis: - Market Valuation Ratio
  • Price to Book Ratio
  • Price to earnings Ratio
  • EPS
8.Ratio Analysis: - Efficiency Ratios
  • Inventory Turnover Ratio
  • Cash Conversion Ratio
  • Receivable Turnover Ratio
9.How do decide which sectors and companies?
  • Top Down Analysis
  • Bottom Up Analysis
Technical Analysis
1.Basics of Technical Analysis
  • Price Trend
  • Types of Trend
  • Why following Trend is very important?
  • How to follow Trend?
  • Volume
  • Importance of Volume in Technical Analysis How to use it?
  • Trend lines
  • What is the purpose of using Trend line?
  • What is Trend line and How to draw Trend line?
  • When & How to use?
  • How to establish Support, Resistance, Zone, Channel Lines, Breakout trend lines: Rules of confirmation
2.Different Types of charts
  • Line Chart
  • Bar Chart
  • Candlestick Chart
3.Candlestick Analysis
  • Types of Candlestick & Candlestick Patterns
  • What is the candlestick patterns and how to use in daily Trading life?
  • High Probability Trend reversal candlestick patterns
4.Chart Patterns
  • Reversal Pattern
  • Head and Shoulder Pattern
  • Inverted Head and Shoulder Pattern
  • Rising Wedge
  • Falling Wedge
  • Double Bottom & Double Top
  • Triple Tops and Triple Bottoms
  • Rounding Bottom
  • Continuation Pattern
  • Symmetrical Triangle
  • Ascending Triangle
  • Descending Triangle
  • Flag
  • Rectangles
  • Cup and Handle
5.Technical Indicators
  • Moving Average Crossover
  • MACD
  • Stochastic (%K D)
  • RSI (Relative Strength Index)
  • ATR
  • ADX
  • Rate of Change ( ROC )
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Ichimoku Cloud
  • Fibonacci Golden Level
  • Pivot Points
  • SuperTrend
6.Stop Loss
  • Primary Stop loss
  • Trailing Stop loss
7.Risk Management
8.Money Management
9.Trading & Investing Psychology
10.Trading Discipline
11.Risk Reward
Future Option
  • What is derivative?
  • Types
  • Future
  • Options
  • What is Options?
  • Option Types
  • CALL option
  • PUT option
  • Option Components
  • What is ATM, OTM and ITM options
  • Factors that affect Options
  • How to trade with CALL Options in Index, Stocks
  • How to trade with PUT Options in Index, Stocks
  • NSE Option Chain for Index and Stocks
3.Open Interest
  • What is Open Interest?
  • Difference between Volume and Open Interest
  • NSE Options OI data using Option Chain
  • Importance of Open Interest in Futures Market
  • Short Covering
  • Longs Build Up
  • Longs Unwinding
  • Short Covering
  • Reading NSE Option Chain
  • Finding out Nifty, Bank Nifty and stock trends
  • Finding out Support and resistance
4.Implied Volatility
  • What is IV?
  • Importance of IV for Options
  • How to trade using IVs in Options?
  • What is IndiaVIX?
  • How to trade using IndiaVIX in Nifty, Bank Nifty Options?
  • How to trade Stock Options using Annualized IVs?
5.Option Selling
  • What is Option Selling?
  • Why Option Selling
  • How to Sell CALL Option
  • How to Sell PUT Option
  • Selling Margin Requirement
  • How to sell Nifty and Bank Nifty Options for 10% return Weekly
  • Covered CALL
  • Bear PUT Spread
  • Covered Put
  • Short Straddle
  • Long Strangle
7.How to use these strategies in different Market Scenarios
Analysis Tools
1.Analysis Tool
  • Tool Installation on Laptop
  • Brief Description About Tool
  • Basic Indicator + Oscillator Setup
  • Automated Buy / Sell Signal
  • Intraday Setup
  • Stock Finding for Intraday
  • Stock Finding for Delivery
  • Watch List Creation
  • How to give Day Data Feed to Tool
  • How to give Intraday Data Feed to Tool
  • Bullish Breakout Patterns in Delivery
  • Bearish Breakout Patterns in Delivery
2.Zerodha Kite Platform
  • How to Put CNC / MIS Order?
  • How to Put Stop Loss?
  • How to Put Bracket order?
  • How to Put Cover order?
  • How to Put AMO order?
3.Zerodha AddOn Tool
  • SmallCase
  • How to Create own Stock Basket?
  • How it can be useful over Mutual Fund?
  • Algo Trading - Streak
  • Algo Trading Platform Provided for Retailer
  • Option Strategies Tool - Sensibull
  • Quick Finding of Option Strategies according to current Market
Advance Technical Analysis Course
1.What is Price Action
  • How to trade with Price action
  • Benefits of Price action
2.Advance Candlestick Patterns
  • How to trade with Advance Candlestick Patterns
  • Different types of Gaps
  • How to trade with Gaps
  • Which gaps are important from trading/investment point of view
  • Why gaps are giving better risk to reward ratio
4.Supply & Demand Zones
  • How to plot correct S&R
  • Criteria’s for S&R
5.Read the Chart with Power Pattern (Price action)
  • Price Structure
  • How price action zones are formed
  • Classification of Zones based on where they formed
  • Usage of zones
  • Power Pattern – 7 Types of Power Patterns which will increase Success ratio in trading/investment
6.Elliot Wave
  • History of EW
  • Types of EW
  • How to identify, which wave is in Progress
  • Rules of EW
  • Guideline of EW
  • Identify target Price with EW
7.Stock Selection : Practice
8.Template Setting in our Stock analysis Tool
9.Intraday / Short term trading Strategies
  • Two powerful strategies
10.Decision matrix
  • Buy / Sell
Advance Options Course
1.Implied volatility trade
  • IV rank
  • IV percentile
2.Trade using IV rank and IV percentile using Data
  • Apply IV rank and percentile during quarterly results to get returns
  • Apply volatility Skew on Nifty and Bank Nifty
3.Volatility Skew
  • What is volatility Skew
  • Apply volatility Skew on Nifty and Bank Nifty
4.Options Greeks
  • Use of options Delta, Gamma, volatility and Theta
  • Gamma Scalping
  • Apply gamma scalping on stock/future trading
5.Volatility Skew
  • Max Pain Theory
  • Use of Max pain theory in trading Nifty and Bank Nifty options
6.PCR in detail
  • Apply PCR to Nifty and Bank Nifty options chain to find out support and resistance
  • Trade using PCR levels
7.Advance options strategies
  • Iron Condor
  • Reverse Iron Condor
  • Calendar Spread
  • Short Put Ladder
  • Credit spread-Bullish and Bearish
8.Event Trading
  • Expiry Trading with Nifty and Bank Nifty options
9.Options Management
  • Options strangle management
  • Managing options loss trade with adjustment